- March 26th - 29th 2009
"POLAR werkschau"
Brotfabrik Berlin. within the interdisciplinary dance/music/video group OSC. A work in process-show, based on the concept of H_to_0.
POLAR is inspired by the presence of melting polar ice in media, its an approach to bring this process close to our reality.

A production of OSC organic & open system control

See trailer at TANZ FORUM BERLIN

polar00.jpg: 332x500, 49k (April 07, 2009, at 05:24 AM)

polar01.jpg: 500x332, 47k (April 07, 2009, at 05:12 AM)

polar02.jpg: 500x332, 37k (April 07, 2009, at 05:12 AM)

Video stills of live screenings during performance:

polar1.jpg: 500x375, 65k (April 07, 2009, at 05:00 AM)

polar2.jpg: 500x375, 56k (April 07, 2009, at 05:00 AM)

polar3.jpg: 500x375, 61k (April 07, 2009, at 05:00 AM)


POLAR_flyerfront.jpg: 482x340, 58k (March 09, 2009, at 01:54 AM)

POLAR_flyerb.jpg: 482x340, 90k (March 09, 2009, at 01:59 AM)