interactive mixed Media Installation

concept and development: Peggy Sylopp
sound: Giovanni Longo

Premiere May 2007 an der Art Trail SHANDDON in Cork, Irland, 2007

This is an installation in memory of the 1920's "Burning of Cork" with the loss of the stock of the historical Carnegie Library and of the records of Cork City Hall, and the destruction of hundreds of houses in the centre of the city of Cork. The intention of the installation is meant, in principle, to be an historical observation and not a judgement.

The installation includes layered projections with crackling noises: in the first moment only the bright scene is visible, but as passers-by walk through, casting their shadows on the bright city scene, a darker scene appears...

fire_1-Cork1920.jpg: 500x360, 73k (October 12, 2007, at 12:51 PM)

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