Audio visual performance with dancers
Realtime graphics generated by processing of live recordings in a digital video feedback system.

Slight movements multiplied into the light game of a virtual kaleidoscope: dancing bodies captured in evolving fractals.

Dancers and video performer created spontaneously harmonic and aesthetic images in an intuitive interplay in instant creation.

The sessions took place 2008 at 103studio in the framework of DANCE ON SCREENS.

This experience leaded to the founding of OSC - organic and open system control as a cooperation of dancers of BKCie, the hardware artists (sensors developer) luxator and

Streaming Video at MySpace/generative_org

mulching_feedbacks_1.jpg: 500x366, 42k (April 08, 2008, at 12:48 AM)

Dancer: Howool Baek, Korea

mulching_feedbacks_3.jpg: 500x366, 49k (April 08, 2008, at 01:03 AM)

Dancer: unknown